1. You rock, girl! Miley Cyrus’ transformation from a sweetheart to a tough lady was a big deal back then. We’re all witnesses of how different she is today from the way she used to be. Some love her decision, others loathe it. Oh no, don’t get me wrong: I’m not a fan, I don’t love her no hate her… Not until earlier.

    At the MTV VMA 2014, she won for the ‘Video of the Year’ with her song ‘Wrecking Ball.’

    Here’s the thing: It wasn’t her who received the award; it was a homeless teenager who did the job for her. Miley took the opportunity to reach the whole world by sending Jessie at the stage and speak in her behalf. He, basically, told his story; that’s it.

    While giving his speech, the world saw a different Miley. She’s not the lady who seems unbreakable, no longer the lady who seems stone-hearted. Today, we see an emotional girl, a girl that shed tears because of a heart that yearns to help. Sincerity could be read on her eyes.

    Friends, the message is clear: Miley simply wanted the whole world to know that there are people who are seeking for help. With her stature in the society, she is making her own ways to help those who are in need, she is asking the world to open its eyes so that it could see what needs to be seen. Her ways may be simple but it is always better to start something from somewhere, and that is to raising awareness.

    I dare say, because of her genuine intention of saving the ‘unsavables, I started loving her. I pray that God will continue blessing her for she is a girl who knows how to use her influence properly, and knows her her purpose in the this world. I also pray that through her efforts, may she be of service to those who need help.

  2. I am emotionally drained. It’s not the physical body that’s tired, it’s the emotional one; that’s the thing for me.

    Pain demands to be felt, sane as through with happiness, guilt, anger, etc. That’s how it works in this universe. Unfortunately, I could no longer feel any senses, I could no longer identify feelings. This is horrible, I know, but what could I do? Life turned me into someone like this - someone that simply absorbs all emotions; feeling those doesn’t matter at all. No more, no less.

    I never wanted to be as pathetic as this, but life has its own reasons. What are those? I don’t know. All I know is that I am living in a world that is so full of emotions, but I can never feel any of those. How could I regain the capacity to feel? Should I do anything? Please, give me answers. I am more than willing to do it just for the sake of feeling again. I want to feel everything again. I don’t want to be numb forever simply because that’s not how things are done in this world.

    (Source: iddleston, via dowephillmaine)

  3. Wishes. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not being so active in Tumblr for the past couple of days. Believe it or not, since the academic year opened, I could no longer have any decent sleeps; I was that busy in school. Well, not that I’m complaining but majoring really consumes my time [and energy as well]. Information overload, baby!

    Allow me to say that I often say, I wish I could make it through all these shits! Sana mag-2017 na para maka-graduate na ako!Who wouldn’t wish for that, right? I believe that you would be uttering for the same words if you’re in my position. Yes, this kind of circumstances is one instance where I really pray hard to put my wish into reality.

    Speaking of wishes, let me to share a trailer that I came across while I was unwinding two nights ago. From Broadway to silver screen, ‘Into the Woods’ is more than ready to unleash the inner kids in our hearts as it hits the theater soon. Oh boy, I can no longer contain my excitement! Isn’t it obvious? The mere fact that I am sharing this with speaks a lot about it, right?

    Am really looking forward to this due to several factors: One, the movie is brought to us by Walt Disney; two, it is a musicale and I love musicales; three, can’t wait for the plot; four, superb choice of casts; five, and the most important, Meryl Fuckin’ Streep is the witch! Now, don’t dare to disagree, okay?

    Excited as well? Am sure you are. For now, all we can do is wait for its premiere in the Philippines, and while doing that, let me do my school works. Ciao!

  4. When Typhoon Glenda hit the Philippines, my beloved University of Santo Tomas was no special place not to be struck. Lo and behold, its aftermath - a devastated University at the very heart of Manila.

    Seeing its effect, Thomasians expressed their dismay, grief, and support through The Varsitarian.

    Butch CunananUST is one tough cookie. She’ll be up and about in no time.

    Liberty Manalo-ManikadAnd yet it stood still and proud.

    Yunice Villaluna - Wag kayong mag-alala; naniniwala akong aabot pa ang UST sa ika-1000 nitong [anniversary]. Kahit baha, lindol, bagyo, heat wave, o sakupin pa ng mga alien ang mundo, nandyan pa rin ang UST. Tiwala [lang].

    Jayvee NavarroStill, the Main Building shines. Beauty and grace in the middle of devastation. It only proves that this building is such a majestic masterpiece.

    Victorio SisonEarthquakes, super typhoons, wars, political upheavals, UST survived them all. UST will remain forever in my heart.

    Ritchelle Anne QuilaquilOh, my! I feel so sorry for all the trees. I hope they could restore the beauty of the campus before our upcoming E-session. Feeling sad & worried but still so excited to see my beloved alma mater once again.

    Jorjanyl DeocampoWala kasing mga preventive support na ginawa para [i-reinforce] 'yung mga puno. You have architects and landscape architects professor to, at least, provide some ways [or] give technical solutions to avoid this, or at least minimize the damage.

    Lovelites LunaOh, my! These trees shielded and protected us from heat and dust. Plus, the feeling of communing with nature when you’re in this area… It makes me feel sad.

    Ren NapiereSayang [‘yung] mga puno. One thing that really persuade me to enroll in UST is because there are plenty of trees there. Brings me closer to nature.

    Edna Cruz Poblete-conwiUST survived lots of trials. God is more powerful than Glenda! UST will endure because of God’s unending grace.

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