Sacrifice. It’s Holy Week and this is the time of the year when we all have to sacrifice - a thing which I identify as a sign of respect to the One who offered His own life for the world’s salvation. Fasting and abstinence are two concrete examples of the sacrificing provided by the Church but as we all know, there is more to those.

The Church, as a matter of fact, encourages us to have our own forms of sacrifices. May it be as simple as helping in the house chores to as complex as giving up vices. For me, these forms are far way better than the two mentioned earlier. These don’t have to come from the authority, these have to come from us. We know our capabilities as a person; we can give up [or do] what our bodies can. Having said that, we would be able to do all these we’ve personally made wholeheartedly, and not just forced. Again, wholeheartedly, not forced.

On a more personal note, I’ve also made my own piece – to do well in academics this summer. I know I failed Him last semester due to whatever shitty reasons I have. Believe it or not, I became the unsavable. I gave up. I no longer knew hope. But then, He came. He did not just came, He showed me what to do with my life, directed to the right path. From there, I worked on to where I am now. In acknowledgment to what He has done for me, He has to be repaid.

My sacrifice won’t only be until the end of summer classes; it’ll be effective until the day I’ll be graduating in the UST. This is just the start of a long journey. I know it wouldn’t be easy because it really is not easy to be enrolled in an engineering program in the University. But keeping in mind His greatness, I am more than ready to be in the battlefield.

This is my sacrifice, the great sacrifice that I can give as a student to the One who saved me. Not just the sacrifice just to fulfill my duty as a Catholic but the sacrifice that I want to do for Him.

I am not here for fame, I am here for a purpose.

Jodilly Pendre, Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 first runner-up

PINASmile. I’m sure that all of you ahve already seen ABS-CBN’s latest summer station ID. What else could I say? Sobrang nakaka-GV lang s’ya! I mean, everything on the video only show who we, Filipinos, truly are - the happiest people in the world.

I won’t talk too much because whatever I’ll say won’t matter. What’s important is that you watch the video again. Why? Because it is such a good medium to attract all the ‘GV-ness’ the world has to offer. Trust me, it’s one way to look at life’s greater and brighter side. Cheers!

Hooray for this! Finally, change is coming my way. And this will only take place because I am allowing it happen. Napapaisip ka kung ano ‘yun ano? In the mean time, let me keep it for myself. You’ll know it some other time. May perfect timing naman ang lahat, ‘di ba? Just consider these three things:

  1. It’s about time for me to do what I really want to do.
  2. It’s about time for me to write how great our God is.
  3. It’s about time for me to stop fooling myself.

Let take this chance to ask a simple favor from you: Pray with me. Don’t worry, I’ll update you with this pretty soon. You deserve to know it simply because you are with me in prayers. Ayun, basta, I’m so excited!

Does love really exist? Human as we are, we tend to find that one person who has the power to change our lives. We don’t just search, we desperately search for them. People always tell us that love is the reason why we were brought to life; this is also what religions tell us. But let me ask you this, if love really exist, why is there such thing as pain?

All my life, I’ve been searching for love. Know that I failed to find one. Cliche as it may sound but I’ve been too blind on this thing. I’ve been hurt, in other words. Probably, that’s the reason why I sound like this.

Yes, I am bitter. For now, there is no such thing as love, only infatuation or deep desire. I would only be regaining my faith on love when someone has the courage to change my view. Having someone to by your side forever is just a silly idea. It’s absurd! Just consider this: Why are there broken families, hurt people, heartbroken?