1. Cryptic post: Aren’t you tired? I’m dead tired; fuckin’ tired. I just want to surrender; just don’t know what to do.

  2. When Typhoon Glenda hit the Philippines, my beloved University of Santo Tomas was no special place not to be struck. Lo and behold, its aftermath - a devastated University at the very heart of Manila.

    Seeing its effect, Thomasians expressed their dismay, grief, and support through The Varsitarian.

    Butch CunananUST is one tough cookie. She’ll be up and about in no time.

    Liberty Manalo-ManikadAnd yet it stood still and proud.

    Yunice Villaluna - Wag kayong mag-alala; naniniwala akong aabot pa ang UST sa ika-1000 nitong [anniversary]. Kahit baha, lindol, bagyo, heat wave, o sakupin pa ng mga alien ang mundo, nandyan pa rin ang UST. Tiwala [lang].

    Jayvee NavarroStill, the Main Building shines. Beauty and grace in the middle of devastation. It only proves that this building is such a majestic masterpiece.

    Victorio SisonEarthquakes, super typhoons, wars, political upheavals, UST survived them all. UST will remain forever in my heart.

    Ritchelle Anne QuilaquilOh, my! I feel so sorry for all the trees. I hope they could restore the beauty of the campus before our upcoming E-session. Feeling sad & worried but still so excited to see my beloved alma mater once again.

    Jorjanyl DeocampoWala kasing mga preventive support na ginawa para [i-reinforce] 'yung mga puno. You have architects and landscape architects professor to, at least, provide some ways [or] give technical solutions to avoid this, or at least minimize the damage.

    Lovelites LunaOh, my! These trees shielded and protected us from heat and dust. Plus, the feeling of communing with nature when you’re in this area… It makes me feel sad.

    Ren NapiereSayang [‘yung] mga puno. One thing that really persuade me to enroll in UST is because there are plenty of trees there. Brings me closer to nature.

    Edna Cruz Poblete-conwiUST survived lots of trials. God is more powerful than Glenda! UST will endure because of God’s unending grace.

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  4. This is home. Ladies and gentlemen, academic year 2014-2015 has officially started! No words could really explain how much excited I am for the things to come. I know that life won’t be easy simply because it doesn’t work that way.Cliche as it may seem, I am expecting for the worst yet hoping for the best. No matter what life will give me, I know that I can beat those. Allow me to say, equipped with optimism, diligence and faith, I am more than ready. No more stories of failures to be told, only tales o success.

    It feels great to shout to the whole world that I am back, we are finally back! I am home, once more; this is our home. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to say that this is just the start of a good journey; this year will be an awesome start, I have to claim that. I’ll just end this by saying that I’m really glad for the good start. Thank God!

  5. Ten things. We are down to our last ten days of vacation. If you really know me, you would know, by this time, that I am really excited for the academic year. Plans were already made weeks ago, execution is what I am just waiting for. While waiting for that (and due to boredom), I came up with a list of the things that I miss so much:

    1. I often complain how difficult our lessons were and how fed up I am with equations but it is also the thing I miss the most. Yes, I may stressed whenever we were bombarded with mind-boggling lessons but allow me say that the feeling’s so addictive. My system’s longing for it; I love it! Ala masochist.
    2. Engineering building is a place where we find comfort. Yes, it may be one of the oldest and most unappealing building in the University but it is our refuge. It may be true that this is the place where we are being ‘tortured’ but it is also the place where we are taught on how to be on top of our league. Simply put, it is our home, a place where we truly belong.
    3. There’s something special about food and I don’t know what that is. I may not know it, but one thing is certain: I love eating. That’s why, it is a joy to have been surrounded with food - Espana has the ever famous Bulaluhan, Noval got those turo-turo stalls, Dapitan houses substreets where carienderas are found, and Lacson for Ilar’s. All types of food are to be found, thank God! Oh, don’t forget the milk tea shops. Buhay na buhay ako dito.
    4. Given a total population of 44,000++, it is inevitable to ignore the crowd that’s moving, making the grounds alive. What is the University without its people, right? We won’t be UST if not for that diverse [and huge] population.
    5. UAAP - basketball, volleyball, cheerdance competition. We may be waiting in line for about half an hour or so just to have tickets but we don’t care at all. All we want to do is to be part of the yellow crowd that is known to be the greatest. We simply love to cheer ‘Go, USTe!’
    6. Paskuhan and its fireworks. Do I need to expalin further? I guess not anymore. Self explenatory na ito. 
    7. Visiting Santissimo Rosario Parish is a must. Sans to bragging, I never fail to go to the parish either before or after my day. I cannot end my day without having a small conversation with Him because, I believe, it keeps me sane.
    8. It is an open secret that I only have one org and I love it so much. I’ve been very vocal about how much it impacted my life. I dare say, without YFC, I wouldn’t be able to survive college the way I am surviving it right now. Yeah, missing YFC peeps to bits.
    9. I miss staying late at night to stargaze. Oo, may ganoon sa UST. Here’s how: Go to the open field, tilt a goal post on its side and make use of it as your platform to stargaze. At first, it may bring back pain since it is made up of metal wires but eventually, you won’t notice it anymore since the stars will amaze you. Such a wonderful sight to see. Of course, it is best to do with your lover, or friends.
    10. The suspension of classes is also a thing that we always look forward to. It brings sensation to everybody, I believe, especially when we’re already dizzy dealing with the lessons. Kaunting ulan lang, we’re all praying for an announcement. I know that you feel the same, right? (Though it’s a pain-in-the-ass to go home since, most of the time, we’re not the only ones whose classes get suspended during rainy season.)

    There you go, my friends. I know you also miss things as such. Come on and share with us the things that you miss the most. PM me or comment on this post.